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[Contenders] This Must Be The Place

Started by Malcolm Craig, October 19, 2006, 12:28:02 PM

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Joe Murphy (Broin)

Three quick scenes from me for Juarez in the last session.

A 'work' where Juarez killed his former lover to prove himself to a Mr Big.

A 'training', because I had to do something with all that Cash. Made a change from starting the game nearly penniless.

And then the fight. Phew. Tense as all get out. I have never, ever, had such tense combat scenes (or at least 'scenes with fighting in them') in a game.

I uttered not one word of in-character dialogue. I'm not sure why, but no words suggested themselves.

And Juarez ended with a film career, money and fans, boytoys and fast cars and a pneumonia-related illness ten years later.



Thanks for sharing guys, and Malcolm, that epilogue... wow!

I agree with Joe that the fight mechanics in Contenders are top notch! You're totally there, in the moment, living the fight. Just awesome.

The game's got me so psyched that I'm reading Robert E. Howard's Boxing Stories.