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6th World: Looking for Play testers in the Atlanta Area

Started by Certified, December 27, 2006, 10:03:04 PM

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We're going to be running a Demo of 6th World at the Gamer's Getaway in Douglasville Ga. January 6th and 13th full details are at

6th World is a blend of Science Fiction and Fantasy set in an apocalyptic near-future.

Also, for those in the Atlanta area who may not be able to make it to this gathering please message me I will be coordinating another demo in February.

A brief demo teaser:

Fall of the Phoenix (Demo)

Part 1: Highway Patrol

Attacks from Road Gangs are becoming more frequent along the Dor-Nor pass. When a caravan of slaves being smuggled out of Dor-E'an to the free city of Dome is attacked the survivors bring back reports of the almost liberated being taken into bondage and the Hunters are called in.

- - -

Fifteen years after the Cataclysm and the fall of man magick has returned to the earth. With it, the mythic races who have hid in the shadows for centuries have revealed themselves to reclaim their ancestral homes. The science that allowed humans to rise up and beat the world into submission has failed them leaving them scattered and struggling to survive in this new world.
Their only hope? Learn to adapt. Evolve.
Join the 6th Age of Earth.
Join the 6th World.