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[Mortal Coil] Contested Magical Facts

Started by Bret Gillan, January 31, 2007, 01:20:11 PM

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Bret Gillan

So I got a quick question from Actual Play.

An American sorcerer-spy (NPC) is trapped in a magical prison created for him by a Knight Templar (Bob). A Russian sorcerer-spy (Jeff) is attempting to incapacitate him by some means and crosses over the prison barrier. The following struggle leaves the Russian inside the magical prison and the American frozen solid.

Jeff spends a magic token to create the magical fact, "Magical prisons only work against the target they were specifically designed for." Now, I think that's completely uninteresting and want to contest it. Is there any means in the rules for me to do this?

Brennan Taylor

Yeah, you can exercise your skeptical veto power. Tell the group that you don't really like that fact. This is covered in the "Threshold of Credibility" rule.

I would avoid completely shutting it down, but I would say that it isn't spicy enough. Offer some suggestions on how to punch it up, like having the fact relate to something a non-prisoner needs to do to cross the prison line. In your game, with it's fairly disturbing tone of magic, it should be something icky.