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Started by Lacloix, February 09, 2007, 02:09:39 PM

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I had started a thread on the First Thoughts board and didn't get a lot of feedback. Part of the problem (as explained by one of the people who did give me feedback) is that "Sim"1 games are not a popular design around here. However, the only game design forums I know about are here and, and I'm just working with the communities of which I know.

I'm not just whinging, though. What I'm wondering is if there are any boards out there that cater more to "Sim" designer perspectives/goals? Between and here, I'm getting the impression that I'm the only designer out there who is trying to make the kinds of games that I'm trying to make, though I doubt that is the case.

In short, where's my people at!? :)

1 I'm not necessarily subscribing to the Sim label (as doing so usually sparks a GNS debate, which I'm trying to avoid). This is just what was said to me.