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Author Topic: [ORX] Now Available at IPR! Plus New Freebie!  (Read 3997 times)
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My name is Raven.

« on: July 20, 2007, 04:05:24 PM »

Heya all,

To celebrate IPR picking up ORX (yay!), I have released the "Alternative & Optional Rules" booklet for ORX, which I had mentioned working on some time back. Note that at the moment, IPR is only offering the PDF version of ORX, but once I have the capital for stock, it will also be available in print form from them.

You can pick up the alternative rules booklet on from this page. It is 13 pages of system tweaks, an optional method to run an ORX game more like a "regular" RPG (crazy! we know!), a new character sheet based on Bob McNamee's design, and a short rules summary/flowchart thing. 8.5 x 11 printed out.

Note that this is an untested beta document and feedback on the tweaks, particularly on the requested "flow chart", is mighty appreciated.

Also, if you want to contribute to the document, send me your ORX rule variants for future inclusion in an updated release.


Rev. Ravenscrye Grey Daegmorgan
Wild Hunt Studio
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