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Author Topic: Ice Game Design Competition for Summer 2007 has begun!  (Read 1835 times)
David Artman

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Designer & Producer

« on: August 03, 2007, 08:13:34 AM »

Hi, all;

Just trying to make sure I ping as many channels as possible (yep, spamming a bit, but it's cool, hearty, nutritious spam!). Though I know The Forge is primarily RPG-oriented, I am hoping that some folks here might like to branch out to abstract strategy/miniature/board games like Icehouse. It's an open design competition, so you've got two weeks to finalize something of your own, if you want to compete. And, hey, for what it's worth, there are actually two RPGs designed to use the Icehouse system: one traditional sim/gam, the other more narrative, both in rough beta stages....


We Icehouse Games lovers have reincarnated the
Ice Game Design Competition for Summer 2007.

Go there to learn about the schedule for the competition. If you have a game design you'd like to submit, then be sure to finalize it on the IcehouseGames.org wiki (on its own page) before the submission deadline, after which any changes will be locked/rolled back until the winners are announced.

Even if you don't want to compete, you can always judge: the submissions will be posted on August 17th and you'll have one month to try out all of the games (or as many as you want) and rank them from "best" to "least best" in an e-mail to the Coordinator (see page above).

Hope to hear from some of you, either up front or by the end!

Designer - GLASS, Icehouse Games
Editor - Perfect, Passages
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