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BPG at Gen Con

Started by Jason Morningstar, August 10, 2007, 08:18:57 AM

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Jason Morningstar

Hey friends,

The entire Bully Pulpit Games crew will be at Gen Con again this year, so please stop by the Forge booth and say hello if you are attending!


Jason Morningstar

Thanks very much to everybody who said hello and checked out our games at Gen Con!  It was really great to meet you all.  If you ended up picking up a copy of The Roach, The Roach Returns, or Grey Ranks, let me know about your first impressions.  I'd love to learn about your experiences in play as well!

Jason Morningstar

Great write-ups, Hans!  You're aces in my book and have a free pass to GM our games as often and as diligently as you like! 

My grousing was about myself, by the way - I was really glad that you were willing to step up and run Grey Ranks.  Next year I'm going to make you run it more often!