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Author Topic: Running at Furnace this October  (Read 3309 times)

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« on: September 22, 2007, 04:19:37 PM »

If all goes well I am planning to run Conspiracy of Shadows at Furnace in October this year. It'll be the Blood Opera scenario, pimped as follows:

A Doom Comes upon House Drozdalski
Conspiracy of Shadows RPG

It is a bleak winter afternoon, cast sharp with a cold light and a biting wind blowing from the Steppes across the lands held by House Drozdalski. Dark clouds gather on the horizon as the family gathers at the table to mourn the death of Ivana, Zygmunt Drozdalski's beautiful and young wife, whom they have just buried in the near frozen earth of the churchyard. Will the web of dark secrets that bind the family together finally unravel, bringing doom and despair with them?

A Blood Opera for 4 to 6 players, no experience of the game system or world needed, just an open, devious, mind and twisted creativity.

I'm awaiting confirmation that there are still free slots to run from the con games co-ordinator, but I'm hopeful!



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