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[Nobilis] Starting a new campaing. Any advice for a new Hollyhock God?

Started by Jargon, November 21, 2007, 04:20:30 PM

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Callan S.

I'd note that a vast range of options isn't daunting, it's pointless. We can all just sit at home and imagine without limit. If were getting together, there must be some groovy limitation involved in order to make that worth our collective while.

I'd say panning it back so as to not overwhelm the players is missplaced. Their not overwhelmed, their underwhelmed. There's no real reason for getting together if there's no nifty limit being used that night. Add limits which are interesting to you as a GM or brainstorm as a group, limits which are interesting.
Philosopher Gamer


Player characters have now been chosen and the campaign will start with powers of Dream and Music.

At least in a preliminary plan Dream is going to be a spirit torn out of its body that lies in a coma. In game terms he is going to be a ghost with the exception that the easiest way of destroying him is to kill his real body that is in a vegetable state in some hospital. Interesting twist here is that maybe characters relatives are talking about eutanasia maybe to get their hands on the heritance. Spirits first anchor materialized from his first dream after commencement and became reality which gives player a great freedom for creating body of his own liking as "main vessel."

Music is a head figure of some minor rock/goth band that finds himself to be a power of Music. I think that there is a lot of potential in this character to explore ambitions and how they turn out to be in the end. When he realizes his control over the domain of Music, will he use it with responsibility or only to further his goals that he had as a human and how all this is going to turn out.

It was decided that their Imperator is going to be a magister of Light.

Any thoughts?

- Jargon
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