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New demonstration packet

Started by Ron Edwards, June 13, 2002, 08:48:56 PM

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Ron Edwards


I've finished beefing up my Demon Con notes and handouts into an alpha-version for a Good Sorcerer Demo Packet. I am hoping to provide enough guidance and usable material for a GM to run a two-three hour game that showcases the game's strengths - not just provides yet another set of mechanics for yet another colorful group combat scene.

It's not quite ready yet; it needs review and feedback - playtesting, if you will.

Now, here's the point. I'm not making this available so people can just have more Sorcerer stuff lying around. I'm trusting people who ask me for it to be willing to do the following.

1) Read it critically and review it, making suggestions.

2) Play it with real live humans whom you know and game with already, at home, not at a game store. (It's not ready for that, I think, and the art's not ready yet anyway.)

3) Be willing to consider running it as a store or local-con demo - and that means being a responsible human who can organize a public event without flaking out.

I'd really rather not deal with 50 #1's, 10 #2's, and 0 #3's. If you're interested, and willing to commit at least to #2 and with luck all the way to #3, then email me to let me know.

Setting: modern day
Situation: high school reunion
Basic problem: all the characters' demons are really fragments of one big demon, who's trying to re-integrate


Clinton R. Nixon

Man - I just met someone today interested in playing a role-playing game that's never, ever played before. Honestly, Ron - could a new person handle this scenario? If so, you've got one group. Even if not, I'll run it with my normal group.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Ron Edwards

Hi Clinton,

I'm reasonably sure that someone new to role-playing would do very, very well with this scenario and with Sorcerer in general - if the GM were prepped and emotionally committed.

In fact, since the demo material is aimed specifically towards relationships, memories, and moral decisions, it might be easier.

The packet includes a hell of a lot of explicit GM instructions in terms of "what to say" before play and "what to remind them of" during play. Again, a demo for a game like this requires a lot of prep - more intellectual and emotional than logistic.

Oh yeah, and that's one of the main reasons why I'm hoping people will play it with a regular group first, then run it as a demo second.

Again, anyone interested, send me an email.


Buddha Nature

Hey Ron, would this be good for a first time Sorcerer GM to introduce Sorcerer to their gaming group?


Ron Edwards

Hi Shane,

I don't know. The hope for the final version is of course, "Yes." As it currently stands, the GM would have to work very hard to avoid falling into certain habits of play that are deeply-ingrained. The typical Call of Cthulhu or Unknown Armies mode of play is highly contra-indicated, but it's what people tend to do when they see material like this.

You'll have to judge for yourself.