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Author Topic: Little Fears Game Tools: NEW QUALITIES  (Read 11098 times)
Jason L Blair

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Nothing is sacred.

« on: June 21, 2002, 04:28:34 AM »

This thread is where people post Qualities they've created/used in their Little Fears games. If you post, please just post the name and description of the Quality and any special rules you think apply to it. Please do not just respond with a "WOOHOO!" no matter how cool someone's Quality may be. I would like GMs to be able to use these to expand their player's characters.

Go to town!

Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

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« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2002, 05:15:35 AM »

Things I like about myself.

I'm a Quizlet. You love to solve puzzles, riddles and other such brain teasers. Can make a brains quizze when confronted with one to solve it.

I have a Protector. An older sibling, family member or friend of the family is always looking out for you. They know where you hang out and most of your friends names and where they live.

I'm a Prodigy. You have a natural talent with some form of art at a level that is beyond what a normal child your age should be. Examples: Painting, Playing piano, etc.

Things I don't like about myself.

I'm from a Dysfunctional Family. Your family life is a mess. It could be anything from a family drug use problem to restraining orders on other members. Whatever the problem it is constantly recurring in your childs life.

I live in a Foster Home. You don't live with your real parents and may not even know them. Being bounced around from one home to another has caused you not to develop many friends and your social skills are lacking in this area.


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Keep Gaming

« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2002, 05:30:54 AM »

things i like about myself:

i speak another language -- i was raised in a bilingual house or started taking foreign language lessions at a very early age. i have the  vocabulary and knowledge of this additional language at an equal level to my understanding of english.

i'm good with animals -- i was raised on a farm or with lots of animals. i'm comfortable and familiar around cows, horses, rabbits, dogs, cats and most domesticated animals. i know how to feed and take care of their basic needs.

things i don't like about myself:

i'm new to the area -- i don't know much about the layout of the town, important people here, or any of the rumors. i also don't know many of the other kids around here.

if life is a game, i need new dice.

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« Reply #3 on: June 27, 2002, 12:31:36 PM »

I have a gamer parent -- My daddy/mommy plays all sorts of games.  He/she is a more understanding than most adults and always has useful suggestions on how to kill monsters.  Good reference library, too.


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« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2002, 01:38:11 PM »

Today my usual writeing area was flooded with little kids.  Instead of getting annoyed I just took out my agressions by writeing for little fears.  It was then I realized that there are almost 10 more things I don't like about myself as compared to the things I like about myself.  On top of that the things I like about myself aren't to terribly great.  So I've decided to add some form and function.  Also a lot of these abilitys work really well together.  That was done on purpouse.  I was reading Stephen King the other day and I realized that groups of people often have abilitys that complemnt one another.  As such many of these abilitys work very well together.  SOme of them have little optional rule thingys under them, this is to help show how they are useful in the game or when I would use them.  

Pack Rat:  Your child is a packrat.  When he sees something on the ground that might someday be useful he picks it up and puts it away for a rainy day.  And if he sees somethign on the ground that looks like it would be absolutly useless...he picks it up anyway because you never know.
Optional Rule Thingy: Roll a 1d6, per hour they spend searching through the packrats room.  On a 4, 5, or 6 they find something that might help them with thier current problems.  On a 1, 2, 3 well their problems get closer.

Parents Hideing Places:  You know where your parents keep things in the house.  They never seem to be able to keep anything hidden from you, especialy your christams presents.  This also comes in handy when the players need to tap into the secret money stash, your mom's special jewlery, or the keys to the gun cabinate (should you choose to go that way).
Optional Rule Thingy: Again 1d6 per hour sounds good.

My Dad is a Hunter:  Your daddy is a hunter and he can't wait untill you are thirteen years old so that he can take you out into the woods on your first deer hunt.  So much so infact that he got you a toy weapon, such as a bb gun or a sling shot.  This of course dosn't mean you are good with it, just that you own a potentialy dangerouse toy.

Dead Eye:  You never seem to miss with ranged weapons.  When you throw a rock or a ball it always goes right where you want it to.  You are amazeing when a sling shot is placed in your hands, you can knock all ten cans off the fence at 20 paces without hardly trying.

Hideing Places:  You are the god of hide and seek.  When you want to you can vanish without a trace and stay hidden for a long time.  With a little more time you can find hideing places for your freinds.  

Seeker:  Nothing gets lost around you ever.  Given a couple of minuts you can find anything no matter how lost your freinds may claim it to be.  
Optional Rule Thingy:  This is useful for finding thouse bits of silver you've been useing to kill the monstor

I have a Great Sence of Direction:  You have never been lost before, not once.  You always know where you are and how to get back to where you were.  Getting from point a to b is never a problem for you.

Natural Born Leader:  You are a natural born leader, people rally to your side when you are in trouble and get more relaxed when you are around.  You always know seem to know what to do and you are able to get others to do it
Optional Rule Thingy: Once per game you can make a child ignor something that he dosn't like about himself.

Story Teller:  You can always tell the best storys.  Whenever your freinds get together they always make you tell the one about...  You always seem to know the best story for the situation and you always seem to make your freinds feel better because of them.
Optional Rule Thingy:  You can use this skill to comfort a child who has been feared or is hysterical.  

Best Friends:  You and someone else, preferably within the play group, are best freinds.  You have know each other for years and have been through both thick and thin together.  You have made blood packs and pledges to stay freinds forever.
Optional Rule Thingy:  Both players must take the best freinds thingy if they want to be best freinds with one another.  When one of them are in trouble then the other gets a bounus applied to them when they try to help.  More than two people can be best freinds with one another, in fact the entire play group could all be best freinds.  Just so long as they all pay for it.  You might also want to rule that in order to pay for this thingy you must also purchase something I don't like about myself.  That way the group will be nice and diverse.

Well that's it for the things I like About Myself.  Now I do have one more thingto add to things I don't like about myself.

I'm not a tattle tail:  Well at least that's what you like to think about yourself.  But that big boy just said a dirty word and you can't let him go on saying dirty words you better go tell the teacher, hey and that kid just broke a toy and is trying to hide it.  I better let the teacher know about that as well.  I'm not a tattle tail I'm just doing what's right.

Ahem yeah this kid is a tattle tail and haveing this little boggle tends to make you decidedly unpopular with just about everyone.  [/code]

"I think where I am not, therefore I am where I do not think.
What one ought to say is: I am not whereever I am the plaything of my thought; I think of what I am where I do not think to think."

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Keep Gaming

« Reply #5 on: July 01, 2002, 05:41:03 AM »

Comte, i particularly like this one:

Natural Born Leader: You are a natural born leader, people rally to your side when you are in trouble and get more relaxed when you are around. You always know seem to know what to do and you are able to get others to do it
Optional Rule Thingy: Once per game you can make a child ignor something that he dosn't like about himself.

i had tried to think of something like that, such as "confidence" or something along those lines, but i like this idea.

here's another positive one i thought of:

-- You have and odd job/allowance --  whether it's delivering newspapers, mowing the neighbor's yard or simply an allowance from your parents, in a typical week you make 2d6 dollars.

if life is a game, i need new dice.

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« Reply #6 on: November 18, 2002, 05:25:50 PM »

I have AN ANNOYING HABIT:  You have some sort of annoying habit that gets on everyones nerves, be it picking your nose and wiping it on your coat, sniffing all the time, tapping little tunes with pens,humming songs, or constantly clearing your throat.

Optional Rule:  Once per game, when another character in your group is trying to do a Test/Quiz, roll a D6.  On a 1,2,3 it all goes accoring to plan.  On a 4,5,6, they get a -1(2?) penalty because of your incessant habit.

So what?  I'm an idiot.  Don't make fun of me for it.  If you were me, you'd be an idiot too!

If it hasnt changed: my short story is availabel at:

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« Reply #7 on: December 11, 2002, 03:39:54 PM »

Things I Like About Myself...

I've got a Mobile Phone
You've got a phone, and know how to use it. Your parents got it for you so that they can contact you at all times, and you can do the same.

I'm good at Computer Games
You've got a natural ability for computer games, which links well with an ability for hand-eye co-ordination. You've probably also been exposed to a lot of artificial violence and will have more of a tolerance before you're sickened.

Things I Don't Like About Myself...

I'm Ticklish
You are extremely ticklish and will collapse in hysterics at the slightest touch in the right place.

Jimmy B
http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/24HourGames/">Ye Olde West

Working on: Poetry in Motion

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« Reply #8 on: January 25, 2003, 12:40:57 PM »

This is a repost from the "Different Qualities" thread. This is for a more light hearted game.

I Have A Clubhouse
This is your groups secret citadel versus the forces of darkness and the tide of growing up. Its exact description is up to the player who chooses the quality. All uninvited "guests" recieve a negative die to act against the wishes of ther clubhouse owner. Conversely, all attempts to defend the Clubhouse gain a positive die. If the clubhouse is taken or destroyed, however, the owner may lose a point of innocence per GM's discretion.
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