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World of Hammerhell Adventures

Started by Evil Eye Gameworks, March 03, 2008, 05:49:09 PM

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Evil Eye Gameworks

Hello all

My name is Jeremy Harden, I created the Evil Eye Gameworks indie tabletop company for a game, called World of Hammerhell Adventures.   It's a departure from complex RPG ideas, like d20.   It is a random dungeon adventure.  And it has four stand ups.  Only three are playable.   I got my inspiration from Dungeon Twister, Milton-Bradley's Dark Tower (but no computer like contraption.  Just the werewolf blocking the other players, like the Dragon would...) MB's Heroquest, etc. 

If any wishes to hear more, please reply to me on my email or on this topic.   It took me only 2 hours to complete the construction of the cardstock prototypes.   And less then 30 min to type a one page instructions...  I might decide to donate the game in pdf form...  But remember, if I do, CARDSTOCK!!!

Evil Eye Gameworks

Hey everyone, Jeremy here, just wanted you all to know, I am working on the pdf version of my RPG..  I playtested it as a warrior.  And it was a very challenging game.  I kept dying not because of monsters, but the food.  The Warrior, unlike the Rogue or the Wizard, has only three move points. Thus mostly eat more then the Rogue and Wizard.  So instead of 5 rations, I went to 10... That was not enough...  So I added 5 more.  I found the Werewolf, and had the Silver Sword for only two rounds (since it shatters in three moves, or if struck on the Werewolf) and I was content.  The PDF file, for those who wish to try, will be called TEST EDITION on the Cover.   This means I need feed back about my game, tell me where I went wrong.   But surely, I promise you, you won't find a board game that caters to not only 2, not only 3, but also ONE player.  I will begin work when this reply is handed.  After this, I will do Age of Wolfhawke Adventures.