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Calendar Trial Period

Started by lumpley, March 28, 2008, 10:34:49 AM

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I've enabled the forum's calendar function. You can see a link up there at the top of the screen underneath the Forge logo.

I clicked on and off some arbitrary options. If you think it should do something it doesn't, or doesn't something it should, tell me in this thread. Ron, especially, please keep an eye on it and get with me about whether and how it's working.

I'm not promising to maintain the calendar through thick and thin, for better or worse, in sickness and health, just to give it a shot. So check it out and see what you think.




Looks good, Vincent.  Let me ask, this calendar can be used to post Endeavor events too, like Game Chef and stuff, right?



David Artman

It might be worth defining some charter or objective for the Forge Calendar, to focus its application. I mean... can I put my birthday on it?

Indie Gaming Related would be a good benchmark; and Endeavor deadlines and such. But what about promotional stuff, like book release dates or conventions at which one plans to run/demo indie games?

Just some general thoughts. I run a couple of portals for specific communities, and I've found it helps if the calendar of said communities is narrowly focussed, rather than a catch-all. But you could also be laissez faire and see how it emerges, I guess.
Is there any way to integrate it with existing online calendars, like my Google Cal (or one of my groups' Yahoo Cal)? That's the flip side of community focus and use of groupware: it can make for a laundry list of sites to check to see when events are coming up.

Cool beans, either way! Thanks!
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Ron's going to write guidelines for calendar events and put them in the Endeavor, Connections, and Conventions forums. Maybe others, his call. I expect the guidelines to be pretty straightforward.

Meanwhile, Apeiron is still the lead guy for this thing, Ron and I are just mod and tech support. Apeiron, look the calendar over, make an event or three, and let us know what you think?


Christoph Boeckle

I'd like to suggest that the various holidays be taken out, since this is a calendar for the Forge and not for our personal lives. It can be done quite easily via the administration panel.