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Author Topic: Announcing a Summer Adventure Contest!  (Read 1774 times)
Acts of Evil Playtesters

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aka Sean

« on: May 11, 2008, 12:18:11 PM »


are proud to announce our first joint adventure contest! Our panel of five judges includes the following RPG legends:

  • Frank Mentzer
  • S. John Ross
  • James M. Ward
  • Fight On!

    We also have prizes available, as follows:

    1st Prize - Your choice of Otherworld's "Giant Alliance" set, with four classic giants:

    or the "Pig Faced Orc Tribe" boxed set, containing all 25 miniatures currently in Otherworld's Pig-Faced Orc range:

    2nd Prize - One Demon Idol and Two Barbed Devils:

    3rd Prize - An Ogre leading an Orc Patrol:

    plus seven orcs such as those pictured above. Miniatures come unpainted and (where applicable) unassembled.

    Honorable Mention: All three winners, as well as an indeterminate number of other submissions receiving Honorable Mention, will be eventually published in an issue of Fight On! Not only will this get your work exposure, but you can re-submit it to other publications or sell it yourself down the road as well, because Fight On! only asks for the right to publish your adventure in the issue we originally publish it in in the form it is originally published in in perpetuity. Ownership and all other rights remain with the authors of their adventures! This policy extends to regular submissions to the magazine as well.

    If there are a large number of excellent submissions, a select number of First Honorable Mentions will be awarded as well. A First Honorable Mention carries with it a cash prize of $10 USD.

    Contest Details: Adventures may use any style or format and may be written for any game system, though there is some preference for systems with simpler mechanics. Adventures which are in or can be easily translated into 'old school' style fantasy game mechanics will likely receive some preference as well, though we want to see your best regardless! Longer isn't better: 2 or 3 pages with really interesting situations or locales can be much more enjoyable than a long slog! Submissions should be no more than 25 pages in any case.

    Other than that, there's only one important rule: your proposed adventure must contain one or more monsters or other elements available from Otherworld Miniatures! Check out more of their selection on their website: http://www.otherworld.me.uk/ . Figures in the 'coming soon' section are fair game as well.

    Please send all submissions by email to iggyumlaut@gmail.com . All submissions are due by midnight, July 20, 2008. Contest results will be posted as soon as possible thereafter, though if there are many submissions it may take us a while to get everything sorted out. We will try to announce winners before GenCon, however.

    We're looking forward to seeing your adventures. Happy gaming, and Fight On!

    Fight On! issue #1 in PDF will be released Sunday, May 25.
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