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Other Court Games Seeking Reviews

Started by Adam Riemenschneider, May 21, 2008, 06:39:21 PM

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Adam Riemenschneider

Hi folks,

I'm looking for reviewers to go through 2 finished books of mine, for either podcast or postings at and/or my company website.

These are print, not e-books; the first is the core book of the game, and the second is a player's guide. I'll cover shipping, and the books become yours. I'm not looking for a fluffy review or soft-hand treatment - I'd rather see a lukewarm (or worse) review that is reasonable and fair, than a "This is the best evar!" with no backing reference or points to debate.

The game is a Simulationist, modern era occult/supernatural world, where players take on the role of a single character (in a traditional RPG kind of way). Original system, gritty treatment. Fans of the Invisibles, Sandman, Charles de Lint, and similar will all find resonant themes. Games most similar to Factions would be MtA, Unknown Armies, and (perhaps) Kult. Cthulu Modern and Beyond the Supernatural aren't completely out of the range, but Factions isn't a horror game by nature.

If any of this strikes your fancy, please drop me a line. I'd like to find people who have done a fair number of reviews already.

Copied from what I posted up on

"Other Court Games is seeking experienced reviewers for the products Factions at War, and the Factions Player's Guide. Selected reviewers will receive a complementary print copy of the work in exchange for the review, to be posted at and for possible use on the Other Court Games website.

Qualified reviewers will have five or more reviews online (text or podcast), as well as a demonstrated in-depth treatment of the work.

Interested parties should email Other Court Games at"

Thanks for the time,

Creator and Publisher of Other Court Games.

Eero Tuovinen

I'm not exactly a routine reviewer, but you might wish to try me anyway: I sell indie games here in Finland and if I like a game I review, that means some sales for you. I've reviewed a lot of games for our Finnish-language storefront, and this winter I did an English-language critical review of New Gods of Mankind at my blog as well, so you can see what I might do with review copies. I'm interested in looking at your game out of general curiousity; if it's any good, I'll want to introduce it to my Finnish peers.

On the other hand, I won't have time for actually writing a review before the end of August, so that probably won't work so well for you if you want pre-Gencon publicity. Regardless, let me know by PM if you're interested, and I'll give you a mailing address. I guess that I'm better than nobody at all if it seems that you're lacking reviewers.
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