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(Game Chef 2008) Get Out of Infernopolis-- ready for you!

Started by danielsan, July 11, 2008, 12:09:42 AM

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Here was my entry for Game Chef 2008. I've cleaned it up a bit, tweaked a few of the rules, and gave it an artistic layout. Now, it's available to the world, for free!

I really need more people to playtest it and offer feedback. Please! It's certainly a work in progress.

Here's the blurb and the link:

GET OUT OF INFERNOPOLIS: A Storytelling Game of Improv & Absurdity

INFERNOPOLIS is a pretty hellish place, but the stories that go on down there are pretty hilarious!

one player tells the stories of a poor soul who's trying to find his way out! The other players are the petty demons who complicate his stories with interruptions and embellishments!

surreal, often random, and invariably absurd, GET OUT OF INFERNOPOLIS uses the UNO® card game to help prompt you. You'll be creating unique, hysterical improv stories every time! 24 pages, file size: 1.7 MB
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