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"To Be King" - Public Release - Still Needs Help

Started by DrNostromo, July 27, 2008, 10:00:09 AM

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Hello, everyone

I finally have an opportunity to release "To Be King" to the public after more than a year of development.

TBK is a completely original (not an adaption) strategy, fantasy, adventure RPG using the Vassal Game Engine.

This is a beta version. Even so, it is a fully functional, complete game with rule book. It's a beta as it still needs over 300+ pieces of original art and I'm sure you'll find a few of typos, mis-spellings, and perhaps a minor bug or two.

TBK has it's own website, forum and a voice server for it's players.

If you're an artist and you'll like to contributor, see the web site for information.

I invite you all to drop by and check it out.

Happy Gaming!
Oh, yes. There will be blood.
     -- Jigsaw

Creator - To Be King