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Hi i tought this was

Started by septrax, August 15, 2008, 05:16:04 AM

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Hi there im new here and think this looks liek a very active forum :)

Well the reason i foudn this forum is that my friend said that the forge hade the basic/ground for web broweser RPG game but he must gave me wrong url or its just me that cant fidn anythign about it ? :/



  Welcome to the Forge.
  The Forge is a great website to learn more about designing tabletop RPGs (like D&D or Dogs in the Vineyard).
  You might be able to leverage it to design an RPG that is usable to play via Forums or other PbP PBEM systems, but that would be a stretch and you might have a lot less resources to do that here...
  Does that answer your question?
Dave M
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Yeah a bit lol

i have goole like an idiot do u know any rpg script that are premade ? not fully but so i can work my way up :)

M. J. Young

"RPG" around here stands for "role playing game".  Back in the 80's people who played real role playing games thought it would be cool if computers could be used to run simulated role playing games, and so they started to create games that were like role playing games except without the interaction of a creative live referee.

That's the kind of game we design here--a real role playing game in which people are interacting with each other, not with a computer.  That can be very useful if you're trying to design your own computer version, or even an interactive computer environment in which real people can interact; but we can't help you with the coding part, really, because we don't do that here--we do game system construction, how to make the rules systems that determine what works and what doesn't, how things are done, who gets to make the decisions, stuff like that.

If all you want to do is create a game world for a computer to run programs, I don't think anyone here is doing that.  I know people who do, but I don't know any sites for it.


--M. J. Young

Ron Edwards

This thread's closed now, folks. No more posting to it, please.

Best, Ron