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[Shock:] Protag v. Protag?

Started by Maedhros, January 21, 2009, 06:21:45 PM

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In Shock: v1.1 a number of the examples of conflict resolution depict Protagonist vs. Protagonist conflict (e.g. Phosphorus v. Thorium, p. 49).  However, the rules frame scenes as Protagonist v. Antagonist.

How does Protag v. Protag conflict come about in the game?  I assume that the Antag player can call in another Protag into the scene, but how does this work?  Can the Antag player purposefully set one Protag against another?  Can another Protag player opt in to a scene on hir own volition? 

(I'm visiting friends in Maryland at the moment, and they want to play Shock: on Friday.  I'm hoping to get a better handle on the game before I try to teach it...)

Joshua A.C. Newman

Hi, Maedhros,

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

What happens is that the scene is still one Protag's scene and the other Protag is really a Minutia. The Antag player is still allocating and rolling the dice, though the second Protag player has an obvious use for hir Minutia die.
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