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Author Topic: [Corašao Selvagem] Mechanics  (Read 973 times)

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Ian Berger

« on: August 21, 2008, 10:57:00 PM »

On characters have 5 Attributes, with 5 Abilities under each Attribute. Attributes have scores from 1 to 6, while Abilities have scores from 0 to 5. Drives and werewolf powers can make scores go above those limits. Attribute + Ability + any bonuses = Capability.

The (task) resolution mechanics consists on rolling a number of d6 (typically 2) and roll High but Safe - that is, as high as possible without going over Capability. A character with Body 3 and Brawl 2 needs to roll as high as possible yet equal or less than 5.

Some tasks can have an Opposition score, which is a number the roll must equal or beat. Following the example above, in order to succeed on a Task with an Opposition score of 2, our character would have to roll equal or more than 2 and less or equal to 5.

The third factor on a roll is Difficulty. Players choose before rolling how many dice they will roll and how to read them; their options are, from easiest to hardest:

  • 2d6, take lowest die
  • 2d6, highest die
  • 2d6, sum of both dice
  • 3d6, lowest 2 dice
  • 3d6, highest 2 dice
  • 3d6, take sum of all three

Difficulty means that players won't be able to choose some of the easiest options. For instance, a character might succeed on a certain task if they choose to roll 2d and take the sum of them; the player can choose to roll as required or any of the harder options.

A roll always has to take Capability in account and can include either Opposition and/or Difficulty.

Selvagem can add 1 to their Tension score to gain an additional die that can be used to replace any die of the roll.

Given that themes for are Hope, Risk and Tension, do you think this mechanic helps and encourages them?

Narrativist on a Simulationist world that wants to be Gamist
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