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[Poison'd] An assisting rule

Started by Graham W, October 21, 2008, 09:43:15 AM

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Graham W

Poison'd went well on Saturday night, and I have stories about that, but there was grumbling about the lack of an "assist" rule. If you're fighting the Captain, and I want to help you, how do we handle that?

It's a natural thing to want. One of the stock bargains is "X promised to fight by my side while all others desert me."

We've talked before about a rule for group fighting, where the group leader acts as a "mini-Captain", and hands out his Brinkmanship dice. The recipients of the dice get to roll another die alongside or collect two Xs.

Could we formalise the whole damn thing into an assist rule? Like this:

1. If you offer to assist me in a fight, I give you a Brinkmanship die.
2. You collect another die to roll alongside it.
3. We both roll at the same time...
4. ...or you hold your dice back, collect two Xs and gesticulate rudely at me from across the table.



That's the rule!

It's still fighting on a side, even when there are only two of you.