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A new art service for publishers:

Started by Jon H, November 05, 2008, 01:58:46 PM

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Just saw this site, absolutely awesome stuff. I may want some artwork for a website soon, and if I do I'll be buying it from you.
Clay Dowling - Online Campaign Planning and Management

David C

This is a fantastic idea!  Also, the server upgrades have helped a ton, the first time I tried going here, I couldn't actually load any pictures.

I also wanted to make a comment.  You should try and encourage artists to upload more interior artwork.  There is a bunch of covers but few pictures to go inside. In addition to this, I can't imagine using one of your covers on a book. Unfortunately, an RPG's cover is very much its identity and you don't want your RPG's identity confused with another product. Buying a one time license from an artist is not a terrible idea, because it's unlikely another P&P RPG will find that artist and want that exact picture as a cover. But with your service set up the way it is and targeting these games, I feel it could be very likely that more than one game would use the same cover. I personally feel it would be worth the money to find an artist to do my cover, even if I used your service for my game's interior artwork (which I could see doing.)

I'm so glad to see someone doing a service like this.
...but enjoying the scenery.

Sebastian K. Hickey

Great stuff.  Really, a winning idea.  I think it's especially appealing for the filler work.

A couple of my friends freelance for concept work.  Do you guys accept new artists?

Jon H

I'd firstly like to apologise for the enormous silence. I thought I was all hooked up with email notifications on every thread I had made about Illodeli. Clearly not.

Although extremely late to the party - the hosts have moved out, the building condemned and demolished and a new building has been built in the mean time -  I figure it's better late than never ever.

Thanks for the well wishes, the site continues to grow and draws ever closer to leaving beta. 

We are hopefully a little more full of interior art now, and I'm glad to hear David say he'd scrape up the money for bespoke cover art. Good! That's what pays my bills!  However we are having success with our covers, so they seem to be meeting someone's needs.

As to accepting new artists, not currently. We have a shortlist of contactees when we're ready, so it really truly is a case of "don't call us we'll call you."