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The Tie?

Started by HiQKid, December 30, 2008, 05:49:12 AM

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Maybe I'm reading into this way too much, but on the contact page of the Misspent Youth website:, there's a picture of a tie tied into a noose.

Is this a reference to Over the Edge? In OtE, folks use nooses as ties. Here, we see a tie being used as a noose.
Was this intentional, or am I seeing things?
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Robert Bohl

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I never played OTE, but when I was polling friends for ideas for the little slug images, Judd Karlman came up with the tie tied into a noose. I'll point him at this thread and see if he can confirm or deny the OTE reference.

It's a game that apparently thematically fits my game very well, so I'd like to try it some day.
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It has nothing to do with OtE from my angle.  Rob was brainstorming cool little icons for the game and I suggested the noose tie.  I thought it was a cool way of saying that the Youthful Offenders would never grow up, in the style of Peter Pan wandering the city streets depicted by Blade Runner, trying to get kids to snort pixie dust off of Tink's ass.

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