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Author Topic: a new frankensteind-setting  (Read 991 times)

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« on: March 05, 2009, 05:05:00 AM »

first of all, this is not an entry about reanimated people, sown together from the parts of dussins of different men.

it's about stealing a litle bit of this and a litle bit of that, fill out the blanks with your own imagination and call it something new.

i did this last night and i think that the setting that sprung out of it is about the coolest thing ever!

so i got a setting, and a system, i'll talk about the setting first,

three worlds are magicaly blended together, it has been for a long time before humans learnd how to travell between them. and when they did the most technological advanced world conquerd the two other, the first world they conqured was all about steam, steam this and steam that. and the third one was an untamed wilderness inhabited by small tribes of hunters, but there was allso clans who lived in big stone castles.

eeh... the great things coming up guys..

so anyway thats the set up. and then you must know a lilte about what intend the game to be about to fully understand the rest.

so the game is about this organistion who takes orders only from the emperer in the first world, they are his high guard and special police, they investigate all the strange phenomena surounding the trade that has sprung up between the worlds, they allso upphold all the imperial laws (not to be mistaken with the peasent law)
this law pretty much just say that if you steal anything belonging to the imperial family..or ,god help you, murder anyone working for
 the family or belonging to the family you got a sword wielding samurai police force coming at yaaa.

so what do these samurai polices do? well besides solwing crimes, they get to explore some sort of conspiracy conserning the trade between the worlds.
not all to many knows that the trade is taking place, fewer knows what they actualy trade with... and the top secret shit that only the high ranking guards, the emperor and some of the more influential corporatipon leaders know is that the trade is slowly destroying the two conquerd worlds by unleashing a baaaaaad mojo into it. this baaad mojo is known as the creature and is a total rip-of of the thing.

so why is the trade still goiing on if the effekts of it are terring the nations apart? well, the thing is, that the thing that the first world big-shots want so bad they are willing to sacryfice thousands of innocent people are magical crystals from the third world that can be used to create super-mega sentient computers, grant people phycis powers and extend one life with 1000 of years. the emperor has nothing to do with the trade, besides that he is addicted to the crystal and comands his high guards to  cover up the creatures existance and aid the merchant trains...

so i guess that the game is about ether following you emperor, all though you can see that his arm is being ROYALY bieng forced be power hungry mega corps. or fight the conspiracy, ether silently from within, or screaming and kicking as a renagade.

i hope i got all that right..if you see something that just doesent seem right, tell me about it and i'll clear it out for you.

so the system up next right?
to be honest i only got a character creation system so far... all the diffrent stuff i tried have been extremly unbalanced. but anyway

you creat you sword wellding, x-files solving, future samurai by doing his sword.
the sword is given to you when you complete the final test in the academy and is symbolic for how you only are an extension of the emperor. it's pretty much your badge.

i was thinking that you begin by spending points on the basics like leanght, material and numbers of sharp edges..eeh..well if your sword is just for stabbing, if it has one edge or dubble the fun with two..i can't be much clearer than that.

and these basci fact about your sword translates into your own basic stats,
long big sword with dual edges = stroong, hardy, rough, loud, intimadating

long sword with only one sharp tip used for stabbing = fast, smooth, fit, charming...
short sword with one edge = stealthy, quick, bluffy (the vampire slayer..no just kidding) and all that.

but it's not gonna be all that abstrakt when im done, i was thinking that you could attache surten aspects/traits to surten options you can build on to your sword so that when you are done you dont have to explain why you can sneak or why you are strong.

then after that i thought that you can choose like one or two skills cymbolised by runes on the sword. you allso get to choose a special magical, steam powerd or super computing thing with your sword, the thing can be that it can fire away a small projektil, or that it can be used as a lie detector or something.
(and yeah to balance it up, your sword runns on batterys,)

i imagine a long campain were the players slowly starts to understand whats going on, while fighting monsters with swords, and finaly chooses to fight the conspiracy.

i'll just type down all the different movies and series i've so shamelessly stolen from so that you get a biger ide of what i mean.

x-files and twin peaks (FBI solwing wierd cases),
evil dead (travelling between worlds using dark magic)
feudal japan (samurais, weak emperor and the symbolic meaing of the sword)
the thing (the monster)
white dwarf (a distent magical world that's slowly being tamed by a steam powerd civilisation, and there are some wierd magical shit in whtie dwarf to!)..
feng shui (three worlds, travell between them .jadda jadda)
dune (there are some cool political conflicts and costumes in dune i tell ya)

so to my Q:s

i know this is the only thing i ever ask.. but are there any good systems out there??
and ofcourse there is the thing about if im to obviouse in my stealing, or if it just makes it cooler when the game have all thouse references to lean too..you know.
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