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Phaethos RPG Playtest...

Started by Dirk, March 30, 2009, 06:38:00 PM

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I hope this goes in here. If not, my apologies.

We are offering some lucky folks the chance to play test out up and coming release of the Phaethos RPG. If you are interested, you can download an 8 page pdf that explains the game and the game world (basic mechanics, history etc.)

Anyone who play tests the game and offers us written feedback, critiques etc. will receive the Phaethso Core Rules, Phaethos Monster Book, and the Sandbox Adventure Guide (the Sandbox Advent is compatible with just about any fantasy system) when they are all released this fall. (You will receive the pdf versions). We will also list your name under the play tester section.

We are looking at a play test time of about three months, so we would like to have all testers offer their critiques sometime by June 2009. This is the third round of play tests (the first two were fairly closed tests).