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Author Topic: Proteus open playest and system critiques  (Read 705 times)

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Creator of the roleplaying game PROTEUS

« on: April 09, 2009, 11:35:37 AM »

Project Alpha is intended to allow virtually anyone to playtest Proteus Second Edition. Up to date information can be found at base113 Games.

As Proteus Second Edition is written, the current "in progress" versions of several chapters will be posted on the base113 Games site. This will include only those chapters necessary to play the game, primarily game mechanics with little world detail. Players will be able to read and print these rules so they can try out the new system for themselves. There are currently four chapters available: Basics, Game Concepts, Skills, and Combat. Characters, Playing the Game, and Novitics are in progress.

With work continuing on the Characters chapter, detailed rules for the Lineage character creation system have been posted on the base113 Games forums and can also be downloaded as a PDF. These rules are available for anyone to view, test, and comment on. While not containing details on all of the species, character concepts, and backgrounds that will be available, these rules should be more than adequate to provide players a feel for creating character for Proteus. An alpha version of the character sheet is now available in the downloads section of the site as well as through RPGNow, and the character creation worksheet will be made available soon to be used in conjunction with these rules.
A Character Creation Tool is now available that automates many of the calculations used in character creation. This allows players to quickly test out a variety of options when creating characters.

Any registered member of the base113 Games site can login and view the current versions of any Proteus Second Edition chapter currently on the site. Members can then read through and playtest the rules. Members may then post any comments or suggestions directly to the appropriate chapter or on the forums.

Hopefully this will serve to improve the quality of the final release of the game while also increasing the exposure of the gaming community to Proteus Second Edition.

Project Alpha will likely culminate in a PDF available through RPGNow that will include the same styles and layouts in the Core Rulebook, giving players a real taste of what is to come.

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