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Author Topic: My Game... in rough beta form  (Read 953 times)

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« on: April 13, 2009, 02:22:44 PM »

I'm very new to the Forge but I have been doing the RPG thing for a good 10+ years now... I've been designing my own little RPGs largely ignorant of the rest of the world ever since I was a kid watching Dragon Ball Z. At one point I had a fun little DBZ inspired RPG wrote up. Unfortunately it got permanently deleted due to a computer death.
In an effort to recreate the over-the-top battles and fun my friends and I had with that old system, I wrote up Intergalactic League of Brawlers. To that old model I added (admittedly limited) strategic decisions regarding character creation and advancement.
Its definitely not a real serious attempt at game design but I'd like to show it to y'all, see what you guys think. Smiley I have it in a zipped file, uploaded to rapidshare... I can upload it to mediafire if necessary. Cheesy


I realize that it lacks a lot setting and an introduction... but it is a rough idea of what the game would look like. Obviously with a much better organization and format. At some point I'd like to have a larger equipment chapter, a section about Skills, another about Power Sources and another about Guilds. If anyone actually bothers checking this out, I'd be grateful. Cheesy And perhaps those same good folks could take a look at my Donjon variant that I posted earlier with no responses attached to it...? Just sayin'.
Anyways, thanks for reading!

~*/\Matthew Miller/\*~
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