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Started by Eldrad, May 09, 2009, 11:03:10 PM

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Can there be an unclassified forum to post things about gaming that fit in no other category?

There are times that I may have gamer related interest that would not fit in the creative sections of this forum and website as I am sure others have as well.

Just an idea.

Lance D. Allen


The Forge isn't your typical gaming community site. It has a specific focus, namely the design, publishing and play of independent rpgs, and the examination of techniques, rules and interactions during play. So an 'unclassified' forum would be pretty counter-productive to that goal, as we all know that gamers love to bullshit about gaming.

There are other sites better suited to gamer related interests outside of design and analysis of play. I personally like Story-Games for the casual atmosphere, but others prefer, or any number of other sites that I'm not aware of.

Ron is, obviously, the final arbiter of what forums appear on the Forge, but he's made it clear in the past that the Forge is a working place where we can also have fun, not a fun community where work is sometimes done. If you have a specific idea for a forum that keeps with the ethos of the Forge, I'm sure he'd be willing to entertain the notion, though.
~Lance Allen
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Eero Tuovinen

Historically, Story Games was pretty much created as an unclassified forum for the Forge. Serves that way today as well, should such be needed.
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