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Author Topic: Looking for writers to cover GenCon  (Read 2674 times)
Alex Knapik

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« on: July 23, 2002, 01:06:56 PM »

(If this post is in the wrong folder here or inappropriate for this board, please kill it with my apologies...)

GamesLit, an upcoming magazine featuring literary criticism of the medium of games, is looking for freelance writer-journalists to cover various aspects of the upcoming GenCon for its inaugural issue.
Writers must be willing to spend a few hours of their time during the convention talking to game designers, authors, artists, publishers, and attendees. Either the skill to write interesting, objective, newsmagazine-style content or an outgoing dogged persistence in uncovering a story is desired. The ability to do both means you're probably too good for this assignment, though your interest will certainly be well-received by us.
GamesLit is looking for three writers to each cover one of the following aspects of the show:
(1) The prevailing business trends and attitudes of GenCon and gaming in 2002, (2) independent and alternative game creators and their work, and (3) female and minority representation at the convention.
GamesLit is a volunteer-run publication looking to improve the coverage of gaming and storytelling works and the specialized gaming industry;  we're interested in people enthusiastic about contributing to this lofty goal.  Payment will be 75.00$ in credit at GamesLit's sponsoring comics/games store (product to be shipped to your location) or one-half of that in cash.
If you have any questions about GamesLit or are interested in this opportunity to cover GenCon, please feel free to contact me at alexknapik@hotmail.com or by phone at (612) 827-3166.
Alex Knapik
News Editor
GamesLit Magazine

(P.S. please feel free to relay or repost this message to wherever you may see fit!)

Alex Knapik
ex-Atlas Games, current ghost
Mpls, MN
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