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The Pool - Call For Links

Started by James V. West, June 13, 2009, 04:35:12 AM

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James V. West

Hello all!

It has been...years.

So after speaking with Ron Edwards recently I realized that I have been remiss in a certain duty. When you visit my RPG page there is very little information, and certainly no links related to The Pool. Given the fact that so many people have emailed me over the years regarding their personal developments with game I would like to correct this situation.

If you would kindly assist me I need a list of links that are related to The Pool. I know several people have translated the game into their native languages and posted it online. Others have modified the game in various ways and posted. Please past some links here and I'll gladly put them on the website.

Oh, and I hope everyone is doing fantastic. I'm not sure who is on here that even remembers me, but its wonderful to see the forum still going strong!


YAY! You're back!

Remember Snowball"? If not, there's a link.

I've been wondering where you've been, as the link to your page that I've kept for so many years ( has long been dead. If you feel like re-creating that page, with that name and path, you'll at least get whatever traffic my site might give you. If not, let me know a better link to use.
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Graham W


Over on Story Games, Ryan Stoughton was asking for a game he could play with playing cards and nothing else. So I hacked The Pool to use playing cards. Don't sue me.

Thanks for a great game.


Moreno R.

Hi James!

Welcome back to the Forge! I arrived only in 2006, but I did read your old posts when I wanted to learn more about The Pool.

In Italy The Pool has quite a following (relative to others free indie games, I mean: it's still a niche market), and there is a page that link some resourcer, here:
The (Italian) Pool

This is a (fast) translation of some of the description of the italian links on the page:


The Pool, versione originale di James V. West (inglese) <--- the link to your latest version

The Pool, traduzione in italiano di Fabrizio Bonifacio (italiano) <---- the first Italian trasnslation, from Fabrizio Bonifacio, done (I think) in 2003-2004. There is another, more recent translation done by people who didn't know about this one.

[links to The Puddle, Snowball, and Poolaris, in english, and an example of a character]

Materiale nostro <---------Italian material - 2 Pool variants created by Italians

The Italian Pool, variante creata da Gabriele Pellegrini - v.1.02 (italiano)

The Sergio' Pool, variante creata da Jarn83 - v.1.00 (italiano)


Actual Play  [links to Italian the Pool actual play]


(Excuse my errors, English is not my native language. I'm Italian.)

James V. West

Thanks folks. I do remember Snowball very well!

And as I intended this game to be "open source" I have no problem with anyone using it to create something better. All I've ever required in return is credit and a link.

The Pool is still online, but the url is

I'll be updating it and adding links as soon as I can.



No Pool links, sorry, but just wanted to say awesome to see you around again, James!
(I still carry the wooden dice you made for TQB in my dice bag.)
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James V. West


No links sorry but does this mean you may open up the forum again here at the Forge? Please, please, please...


If I could make a request of a link of a literal sort -- James if you happen to be reading this, your email from your website keeps bouncing back. Could you (or anyone else) give updated contact info? Thanks much.