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With Great Power... still alive?

Started by Tredekka, June 30, 2009, 04:03:23 AM

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This is not a criticism, but an honest request for information... 

In the following post:
You state:  "My wife is working on writing up a complete scenario that will be available for free download. Look for it in a few months."
(That was in August 02, 2006...  just a bit over a few months :-D)

On the following site:
There are many broken?/unfinished? links...

The reason I am prompted to ask these questions is that I found your game here:
...and researched and found another review:

In my quest to get a better understanding (after much hunting) I eventually found:
...with the following broken link:

I understand it's an older game, but if anyone can shoot me the scenario/ArtPeek/First10Pages I would greatly appreciate the chance to evaluate if I'd like to purchase what sounds like a very interesting non-traditional RPG.

Thanks in advance!


Michael S. Miller

Hi, Tredekka.

First off, let me say I admire your persistence. I'm sorry it was necessary. I never actually saw that Dungeons and Dorks review, so thanks for pointing it out.

I've had some web hosting issues over the years and not everything has moved smoothly from each hosting site and domain name to the next. Plus, the scenario was lost in a hard drive crash. I've just uploaded the Conflict system comic-book art page here.

If you prefer podcast reviews, you can listen to the Voice of the Revolution review here.

Here's some recent With Great Power.. actual play

If you have any other specific questions, please let me know.

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