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How do you record?

Started by Jedyte, July 31, 2009, 02:55:31 PM

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Hi guys,

Just played my first Universalis game. The thing my group had some difficulty with doing in a clear way, is keep the Record. How do you guys do it? There is very little about it in the rulebook.

At the end we used a laptop, had one page to put components, and another page to put scenes and their events. But we didn't know how to keep world facts like "Faeries usually don't go underground".

Do you use paper or a laptop? How do you organise your playsession?



I heard that card-like pieces of paper are good for recording components: you can easily throw them into a scene or exit them. Then there would be a separate sheet for tenets and facts, all at your fingertips.

That said, I usually play online, wiki-style.


I typically just use a note book.

I use 1 page for Tenets, and just list them one to a line down that page.  Then I use 1 page for scenes, which typically isn't necessary, but helps to remember what happened when.  Typically list each scene on its own line with which Components were there and a sentence or two about what happened.  If there were any scene specific Traits you can list them there too.

Then I start Components on the next page.  I typically divide up the page into sections and put 1 Component in each section, the Name and Role on the first line and then just listing each Trait in Comma, Seperated, Style, On, The, Lines, Below, It.  I'll typically flip back a page or two to put Master Components in their own are to keep them together.

Other folks like to do the Components on Index Cards, which has the advantage of being able to sort out just the cards that are in a scene.  I find scribbling in the note book to be quicker.

The key is do whatever is fastest for you.  You want a collection of words to jog the memory organized in a way that can be referenced by a quick scan.  You don't need to do it up character sheet style or anything fancy.


We spent a bit too much time writing all these things down, I will try your method next time.