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Started by Nocker, August 01, 2009, 05:44:33 AM

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I'm sorry if it's not the place to post this, I've carefully search a better one, but didn't find.

I'm french, and the Forge forums look like a huge mastodon in front of our bigger rpg theory forums.
The french ptgptb website made a great job in collecting and translating all the articles about rpg theory, and read through them is what interested me into further reading GNS papers (in english because the bigger aren't available in french yet).
To make a large thank to Ron and spread his word, a friend and I have made a podcast to explain to people his fantastic theory and the way we construe it. It's in french, and will hopefully reach the minds of many french rpger.

Here it is.

Ron Edwards

Hi! Many thanks for your commitment to the project.

Best, Ron