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New RPG: Section 27 - First Draft

Started by LawfulNice, August 27, 2009, 05:38:12 PM

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Hello everyone! First post here. I've been putting together a game and was suggested this site as a good place to get feedback on it. It's still a bit disorganized and too long to just post, so here's a mediafire link to the main document. It's not quite done - I want to write a sample adventure for it - but it's enough to run the game. I haven't gotten any playtesting done yet, and it's still in alpha, so just about everything is up to be changed if a problem is found.

I call the game Section 27. I'll try to let the document speak for itself a bit, but will be watching this thread intently to answer questions. To kick things off a bit, the intro:


   The Department of Peace of the World Council is henceforth given the power to create and organize divisions independent from any country's army or militia, with the full authority of the Department of Peace, with the proscribed purpose of investigating and eliminating extraordinary threats to peace and order..."

   - The World Council Charter

   Long ago, this was a world of darkness and eternal night. The gods of light came upon the world and created a sun. The people living in the darkness and night were less than appreciative. Since then, there has been more or less continual war in one place or another.
   At least, until recent history. With the formation of a World Council, the planet now has peace, or at least something close to it. It's a fragile peace that depends on old enemies talking problems out instead of stabbing each other, but most agree that it's better than war. Most.
   Your characters are agents of the Department of Peace, an organization that was formed to protect that peace. You have some authority, if you can get people to respect it, and it is your duty to go out and make the world a safer place, even if you have to bash some heads (though that leads to a lot of paperwork).

The flavor of the game is something like playing Interpol or CIA agents in a fantasy setting, dealing with terrible threats like monsters, cults to evil gods, and occasionally even putting a stop to organized crime when the locals can't. The system uses cards instead of dice, with a character's skills determining what cards they can play, and I tried to stay away from traditional fantasy tropes in my setting.

Thanks for reading, and I apologize if this isn't the right place for this! :)

Mike Sugarbaker

Hey - welcome to the Forge.

This is an intriguing concept - I'm gonna go have a look - but it would still really help us if you ask one or more more specific questions about things you'd like help with or input on.
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