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Author Topic: Gamechef game wants to pimp out your art and make sure you get recognized for it  (Read 1703 times)

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« on: September 08, 2009, 07:52:30 PM »

First a quick introduction to the game that I am making.


I need an artist willing to get the same pay I am (nothing dollars!) to work with me on making art for gnome.  I really shouldn't say you get nothing out of it as I plan on giving any artist willing to put in the time and work to earn some recognition all the proper things they deserve including links to their websites within the document itself and on my blog/website.  I like to give my artists as much freedom of creation as possible to ensure that the work they do isn't simply decent quality but fun as well.

So if any artists out there wants to give a hand in making my game as pretty or as high quality as possible please feel free to drop me a line at my email or preferably over PM's for now (as it seems im having a hard time getting to gmail from the hospital.  I'll gladly add your banner (long as it's reasonably sized) to my site for as long as you work with me and quite possibly beyond.  I really lucked up adn hooking a very good artist for the gmae i did for Simian Circle Games d6 design contest and I would love a repeat of that venture with this Gamechef game.

Thank you in advance and look forward to working with you.

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