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Author Topic: HAUNTED! season of the heart  (Read 1077 times)

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« on: September 10, 2009, 10:10:46 PM »

essentially season of the heart is a game about spirit hunting.
the players are a group of voulunteers trying to save the world one
evil book,demon,etc at a time.
i intend this to be an EXTREMLY casual game. so very simple rules.
i just have some rules and i dont even know if i want to have premade campaigns. i want a 1 on 1 feel.
i plan to run a game like this sometime this year.
COPYRIGHT 2009. personal use only ask permission otherwise.

RP rules:

charachter creation:
to do roleplaying you need a charachter!
so you'd better have:
 a name
 a personalty(unless you're a zombie or a robot. but then you'd still have a want for BRAIIINS!!!!!)
 some stats(how strong are you? are you dumb as a rock? do you trip over you're own shoelaces?)
 some special skills(can you do ANYTHING useful?)

name and personality are you're choice.
(but if you make a really annoying charachter don't blame me)

 you have 9 points to spend in

an eample charachter might have

 2 INT(intelligence)
 2 DEX(dexterity)
 3 STM(stamina)
 2 STR(strength)

acronyms are helpful here. learn them.

see how the total adds up to 9?
told ya. but you can distrubute them however you want.
best not to have 0 in any category.

special abilities:
so what can you do?
you have 3 points to spend in abilites
abilities work eaxactly like stats.
but you can choose the ones you want.
(you can learn more later  in the game)
abilities can be anything.
if you have a cool idea, this is where the GM comes in.
(if one of you  has game experience, i suggest he or she be GM(gamemaster)
otherwise take a vote or otherwise decide who it is.)
the gm will have final say on if you're charachter can have that ability you just made up.
remember abilies have a level just like stats. and you start with 3 points to spend for all abilities.

examply abilities:
first aid

you can have as many abilities as you want. but the more you have the more spread out you're 3 points will be.

now that you have you're charachter, you can get started.

most of what you do in the game will be in the form of conversation.
GM: the starship fires its cannons at mike
Mike:i try to get out of the way

the gm can now either decide what happens(the starship misses, but leaves a large crater next to you)
or call a test. a test is when you roll a dice and compare it to a stat or an ability.
a test can add an element of random chance to a game.
in this case the relevant ability might be DEX(deterity) as dexterity would be needed to avoid a cannon.
so the GM might say:
roll your dexterity dificulty 5

mike would then roll a dice and add the result to his dex. if that number is equal to or higher then the difficlty(diff),he would succeed.
our example charachter has 2 dexterity.
that means he would have to roll at least 3 to "pass" the test.
otherwise, the cannon would hit him and do whatever that particular starship cannon did.

battle is resolved a different way.
there are 4 types of combat. each has its own formula.

(str+stm)/2 + weapon strength
(dex+stm)/2 + weapon strength

at the beginning of combat, both combatants(players or non player charachters)
choose their attack types and calculate their score. then they both roll a dice and add
that to the score. whoever has the highest total(attack score+dice) wins.
note: not all combat types are usable all the time. if you don't have a weapon, armed or ranged is not an option.
there is a space on you're charachter sheet for what weapons you have equipped.

you're gm may assign EXP points in various ways.
per game: every game session, player get a number of exp(usualy 1,2,or 3)
or per quest(ep given on completing a quest)
however you choose, you mark exp with 1 circle per per point. when you spend it,increase the value of the stat you spent it on(remember abitlities and stats are upgraded the same)

any game depends on the players, and the GM. if the players do not get along, neither will the charachters.
problem players  can arise in any game. there are a number of online recources for the pshychology of this.

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« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2009, 10:14:18 PM »

utmost apology for the double post.

the game rules are written for someone who has no game experience.
forgot to add that. its copy and pasted from the oficcial rulebook.
also it's a contination of a rulesless forum rpg called voice of wind.
it was about purifying a house.
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