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[Agon] Some rules questions

Started by Paolo D., September 15, 2009, 09:51:11 AM

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Paolo D.

Hi, I'm Paolo, it's the first time I post here before some lurking ;-)

Me and some other italian players of Agon (yes, we exist! O__O ;-) put together some questions about the rules... Some details about these mechanics escape us:

1) challenging the gods. It's "roll Name+Spirit vs 1d12", right? But what about Glory rewards? Is it a Contest, with the usual rules?
In your intent, John, what does "challenging a god" is designed for? Usually, what do you use it for?
Do you have to challenge a god to abandon a quest he gives you (pratically, disobeing him)?

2) advantages. I see that you, often, encourage the use of the Alternate Advantage optional rule, that one on RandomWiki, instead of the version of the manual (personally I think it's very good). Can we consider it a Semi-official rule?

3) the same for the Tricks optional rule, and the alternate rules you elaborate for the Positioning (no penalties, only one die that degrade in seize increasing the armor...).

Last, for John: we founded many fixes and rules-not-on-the-manual here on this forum and in stoygames too. Don't you think that it's time for a new edition of Agon?
I mean: of course we like very very VERY much your game and the genial ideas that forms it!! ^_^
But there are a lot of your answers on the web, very important to play Agon in the way you mean to write it, and... Friendly... It's a jungle. ^_*

I hope you won't misunderstood me, it's not my intention to critice you in any way! ;-) Only I think it's time to do some polish to the good old Agon as it is now.

John Harper

Hi Paolo! Welcome to The Forge.

Thanks for writing. I like answering rules questions.

1) Whenever a hero defies a god's command, or otherwise opposes a god, they roll Name + Spirit vs. 1d12. It's a contest, yes. Specifically, it's a test to see if the hero has the mettle to defy that god rather than being overwhelmed by their divine presence. It's worth 7 Glory (you can't try do it over and over again, though... generally once per god unless the situation changes).

I use it for those times when the heroes want to decline a quest. Or when another god steps in to interfere with a quest, and the heroes have to overcome them.

You don't have to challenge a god to abandon a quest, but after you abandon it, the god may re-appear and try to force you to complete it, and then you'd need to challenge them.

2) Yes, consider that rule semi-official.

3) Yes, same for tricks and positioning.

I do think a new edition of Agon would be a good thing. There are several bits that I would change and streamline. I don't have the time to undertake that project any time soon, but I probably will some day.
Agon: An ancient Greek RPG. Prove the glory of your name!

Paolo D.

Ok! Thanks!

About the question 1): each time you roll to challenge a god, you also take a Fate point? If you win too?

Can I ask you if you could update the "Semi-official rules" topic with the rules mentioned above (Alternate advantages, Tricks and the new positioning system)? I dont't want to manipulate your time, but there is some confusion about it... ^_*

Thank you again! I'll report back your clarifications immediately.