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Author Topic: [Annalise] Dracula Reloaded (and a new character sheet)  (Read 2671 times)
Nathan P.
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« on: October 10, 2009, 08:34:47 AM »

Hey there,

There's a new Guided Play Scenario available for Annalise. It's called Dracula Reloaded, written by the lovely and talented Kat Jones and played to good effect at the last JiffyCon and Origins, as far as I know. She's taken the stock Dracula characters and put a twist on 'em, and I think it's rather neat.

here, and it'll be up at lulu.com and rpgnow later today.

Dracula Reloaded joins The Voyage of the Auspicious in the Annalise Guided Play Scenario library.

Need I remind you that it features a brand new piece of gorgeous Jennifer Rodgers art?

Also, Tazio Bettin made a wonderful sci-fi flavored character sheet, which is also available to download here or here.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!

Nathan P.
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