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Mayhem Gaming, needs read/review and playtesting.

Started by Maugh, October 20, 2009, 01:06:05 PM

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I need playtesters.   We've got a fairly thoroughly developed game with a complete, playable and decenty designed betabook, as well as a website for playtesting forums etc. 

The betabook and forum link are on the following site:

Reasons to try it out can be found in the thread that I posted in the 'first ideas' forum, (link below), including some selling points, discussion, and a summary of the game mechanics further down the thread.

We've been working on this now for a 3-4 years, really, with a team of 5-10 people who are all quite talented, including a guy who majored in mathematics, a professional graphic designer, a professional illustrator, (two seperate people,) a history buff, and myself, who just has enough manic energy to type a few hundred pages worth of content.  (And a psych degree, which means little in this subject.)  All in all, we've given the game quite a bit of polish, for a home-brew.

The only problem I'm running into with this right now is that there is too much content, and I don't have the heart to axe it.  Therefore, we need to split it into sub-volumes and keep the core stuff in the main book so that people aren't overwhelmed.  That's the next direction for our development.  We really need playtesters to help find balance issues, and people to simply read the book and give feedback, if they can do that.