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Need playtesters for species role playing game...

Started by Charlatan, November 16, 2009, 12:36:51 PM

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I have been role playing for twelve years and have devised my own system and game. It is about clans of humans that have animal attributes and works on a mixture of dnd and vampire rules. You can find it here:

If you have any questions, or if you like it, please email me here:


I'm interested in some of the choices you've made.

Two come to mind straight away...

1) Why do certain animals gain different types of bonuses at different levels? There seems to be little rhyme or reason behind when bonuses occurs for different animal types.

2) What about the balancing of equipment? I'd much rather buy a sword which does d6+2 damage for 25 gold, than spend 26 on an axe which does d8. The sword has a minimum damage of 3 and a max of 8, while the axe has a minimum damage of 1 and a max of 8...the sword seems more efficient for less cost. Am I missing something here?

There's much more to ask here, but I'd like to see responses to these before I probe further.

A.K.A. Michael Wenman
Vulpinoid Studios The Eighth Sea now available for as a pdf for $1.


One thought on weapons: sometimes local availability or material resources dictates what weapons are used. If you can make 2 hatchets with the same metal as 1 short sword, you may end up with two hatchets. Likewise if hatchets are what they make. For a modern setting this has little to no bearing.


Ok well I didn't put a lot of thought into the other mechanics other than combat, because I was focused on combat I looked past things like you guys have mentioned!

They gain abilities because some are mor powerful and therefore have to wait longer. I just threw that together aswell, but I wanted the focus to be good = heroic combat, neutral = charm and connections and evil = poison and underhanded things. I am sure I got that right at least!

As for the rest of it, what do you think? I would like some good points along with the bad please, but thanks for reading it all the same. Wasn't that long was it?