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Fantasy RPG seeking playtesters

Started by eraofthefallen, December 08, 2009, 04:41:16 PM

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A new FRPG called 'Codename: Era of the Fallen' is now seeking
playtesters.  It emphasizes narrative storytelling, allowing for deeply
immersive roleplaying, and encourages a different sort of play style
centered around: character development, mature themes, ethical dilemmas,

Codename: Era of the Fallen has THE most realistic combat system ever
devised, which has been culled from the author's extensive knowledge of
the topic and subjected to careful tuning to establish just the right
balance between detail and simplicity.  Dice based combat is fast paced,
intuitive enough to be easily understood, and quickly results in a
decisive outcome.  Just like real combat.  Emphasis is placed on
thinking through things instead of blindly rolling dice.  The combat
system is extremely flexible to suit many styles and preferences: from
strict dice rules, to diceless, to a hybrid between the two.

Codename: Era of the Fallen also includes an expansive, incredibly
intricate system of magic, which gives the player several well defined
paths to choose from, and the ability to strike out in new directions,
offering complete control over the development of the character's
powers.  Through increasing specialization in one of 15 fields of
magical study, the character gradually masters a subset of the primal
powers which govern all things.  A rich history rewards exploration with
something new to be discovered and mastered at every turn.  The numbers
of ways in which the branches of magic can be combined and recombined is
nearly limitless.

Codename: Era of the Fallen also has a lavishly detailed world for
players to explore with a comprehensive and coherent cosmogony.  It is a
world of many secrets which allows for infinite expansion and encourages
the players to become co-creators of their own worlds within worlds.  It
offers the opportunity for players to have a wide variety of possible
experiences and guide their character down a path of their own choosing,
light or dark within the narrative the Game Master creates as backdrop
to character evolution.

More information and a stripped down version of the rules are available


In a Nutshell

For experienced RPG gamers, here is a brief summary of the core game mechanics and key differences with other RPGs.

Character Driven – You are not limited by a bunch of arbitrary rules based on notions of "game balance" when creating a character.  You have creative control to express your character concept without having to rules haggle or sacrifice some elements to gain others.

Real Wounds – It is possible to die from a single well placed blow, regardless of how many HP you have.  There are no unstoppable tanks, and there is real danger built in to every combat encounter.

Storytelling Focused – The emphasis is on telling a really great story without letting arbitrary dice rolls interfere or sabotage that.  Game rules may be flexed for the sake of overall game play and narrative flow.

Choose Your Battles – Combat is based around a system of "Modifiers" or conditions which either favor you or the opponent.  Engaging in combat when conditions are unfavorable, say you are sick or wounded, is very risky.  Like real combat, you have to know when to run and fight another day when the odds are more in your favor.

Power With a Price – Magic contains incredible power, but such power is neither easy to obtain, nor quick to use.  Spellcasting in combat is nearly impossible.  You have to either plan ahead, get some distance, or use "on-demand" innate magical powers which are faster but weaker.

Simple Rules – the rules are designed to be intuitive and easy to grasp.  Most of them are based on "Common Sense".  If you've spent a couple decades living, then you probably already have a good grasp on the basics.  Like if you want to learn a certain skill, you just track down somebody with that skill and ask them to teach you.  No fussing around with skill points and class based limitations.

Narrative Combat – Combat is storytelling just like any other scene in game play.  The dice rolls (when used) are there simply to create a framework on which the GM layers specific details of what happens.

Choose Your School – There are several styles of combat taught in different schools which emphasize certain weapons and Combat Maneuvers.  Likewise, magic is dominated by the Orders, or specialty schools that focus on a particular branch of magic.  There is nothing forcing you to specialize, but with specialization comes increased effectiveness.

Brains Not Brawns – Like real combat, the key to winning is strategy and planning ahead.  Outthinking an opponent will more often lead to victory than simply out fighting him.

Real Magic – Magic is not just about winning battles.  There are lots of prosaic (but lucrative) uses for spells besides combat.  Magic is used to create buildings and art, communicate over vast distances, and transport goods, etc.  Wizards are well respected and well paid professionals, not crazy old men in funny hats.

Wide Open – The game world is mapped and defined just well enough to get a sense of it as a real place populated by real people.  But there is plenty of unexplored territory left for you to fill in with your own races and empires and personal history.