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Programmer/Support Artist Needed for RPG

Started by CircularGeometry, December 16, 2009, 10:24:39 PM

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Hello everyone! We just found this forum and figured we would see if we could find anyone to help us with our 2-D, indie RPG. We are a small group formed in Orlando, Florida that hopes to use our work to start an established independent game studio. We currently need a talented artist that will assist our lead artist with creating sprites, graphics, and other things of that nature. We could also use another programmer that is fluent with C# and XNA to help pump out our demo. Our artist is currently invited to the next Game Developer's Conference to speak with many of the people there, and we would love to have something to show for that time. Here is the summary of our current game, and you can also find any information on our new website at We hope to hear back from you guys!

Game Title: Blue Equinox
Engine: C#, XNA Rendering
Art style: HD Quality graphics in an isometric environment

Our goal is to create an RPG much like the JRPG's from old. However, we are giving an American flare to the story. Our artist has experience in the field and is willing to create a stunning visual experience that will showcase what independent games can do.

The game demonstrates an isometric environment with 8 way movement when moving around on the world map. However, battles will call to the old school front style battle systems of the past. Our monster sprites will demonstrate latent movements and attack motions in a battle. This will engage the player more into not only the story, but the gameplay as well.

To give the gamer a new experience with RPG's, we are showcasing a detailed system that will mimic the limit break systems found in other games. However, there will be dynamic inputs, additional power-ups, and other features that will require the player to do more than just simply press one button to use a super move. There will also be 6 different styles of bar to charge up these supers. So, you are no longer bound to just taking in damage and dealing damage to charge a bar. Your healer can be built to use a special Medic bar, your tank can use an Offense or Defense bar, and so forth. Player party development and character combinations will be key for success.

A mini game will also be showcased with the game. Since we are American developers, we decided to stay with our roots and give a new twist to an old fad. The game POGS will be used as sort of a "Combat Card Game" style mini game that will involve a player's avatar attacking a stack of pogs. I have experience with card games and other table-tops, so creating this game was easy, but it needs to be reflected in code.

We hope that our project has inspired you to come work with us. Compensation will definitely be given out upon sale of the game, hopefully to xbox live, steam, or both. Cheers!

-CircularGeometry Studios

Jasper Flick

As this place mostly focuses on tabletop RPGs and not on computer RPGs (and definitely not JRPGs), don't expect to successfully recruit from here. You can probably better focus your attention on computer game and art communities.

Also, you hire and pay people based on what they do, not based on the eventual returns of your own product (which you apparently don't have a clue about). Your proposal is a red flag for anyone worthwhile. If you really want people to work for free, come out and say so directly. Some people are willing to do it, but know that you'll get what you pay for. Another option is to attact another co-owner willing to share the risks involved, but that route is perilous.

Having said that, good luck with your game!
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