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Superhero Wargame Playtest

Started by mratomek, December 30, 2009, 05:36:41 PM

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Super Force Seven is a fast paced superhero wargame that is full of BOOM-BAM-CRASH action.

You can create your own heroes and villains--just about anything you can think of can be created. Here's an example character:

Fear Monger
Master of Evil (35)
Origin: Genetic

Actions: 3
Default: 1x
Life: 15

5x Fear (MR): Point Blank, Mass
4x Blaster (Weapon: MR)(Eq): Point Blank, Rapid Fire
3x Super Intelligence: Logic Shield
3x Leader: Horde
2x Armored (Eq): Hardened, Powered
1x Flight (Eq): Charge, Run n' Shoot

Vile Deed
Free Action


Game play involves short verbal mini-scenes that setup full-blown table top battles.

The game is easy to learn and fun to play--but the strategies are endless.

interested parties can contact me at


Once upon a time ... the Earth needed to be saved ... on a regular basis.

Super Force Seven
Tactical RPG / Miniatures Wargame