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Gencon 2010 Dresden Files games

Started by SaintandSinner, January 26, 2010, 09:25:29 PM

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I'm running a couple of Dresden events if your interested.

Friday 2-6pm
Dog Daze This was run with the bleeding alpha rules in 2008 (please no repeat players)
I know, I know. You agreed to help out Harry while he was out of town but how did a case of a missing pooch turn into a turf war between lycanthropes, vampires and faeries? Just how are you going to get this fixed before dawn? All Hell has broken loose and some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Saturday 2-6pm
Mad Mab
Some day you'll laugh about this. Right. That is if she leaves you a mouth to laugh with... How did you get yourself in this deep? You owe something to Queen Mab that you just can't pay. Now she's offering you a way out. It's likely a trap but you must get free. So, how do you kill a wizard?

Nev the Deranged

Sounds neat. How does one find those on the websiteydoodle? I've never signed up for anything at GC ahead of time before =\. Is there a number or something for the events?


I've submitted them and they're awaiting approval.  Signing up for an even happens in April (I think).