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Dragoncon Indie Panels, Games, etc

Started by SaintandSinner, February 01, 2010, 03:33:49 AM

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Dragoncon is interested in having Indie Game panels, games on the schedule, etc.  If you are a designer, what do you usually do at these conventions and what do the conventions usually do for you (badges, etc).  There's a new games director and there's an opening for more stuff but I don't know what to offer or expect.  This is not about me (I have an Eternal Membership and I live in town).  It's about trying to get some of you guys who are interested there and making it good for everyone.

If you need more info just email me    saintandsinner *dot* jmj at the gmail.   

Thanks, Scott

David Artman

Hi, Scott.

I've already paid to attend, and D*C is my "con off" at which I never run a game (short of some kind of pick-up or demo-on-the-fly in the board game room).

That said, I'd be interested in an Indie Track (similar to what I tried to do for MACE and the now-defunct(?) Trinoc*coN). There's all sorts of Dealer Space, from the Top Shelf room to the Bargain basement, so some kind of booth share shouldn't be tough to wrangle. Conversely, it might be possible to do a GOD thing in the RPG/Board Game cavern--there's always hundreds or chairs available in some corner or another. BUT, I'm pretty sure one can't sell there... but there's the "emergency CCG needs" table and booster-draft buying crowd. Hmm... maybe there's some way to get "dealer/demo space" down there, to both play and sell?

There's a VERY slight chance I'll have GLASS done for D8C, but I'll probably not be in a position to do a booth. I *might* be a corner of INCLAVE's table, if I decide to avail myself of that local LARP org. But more than likely, I won't be pimping GLASS until MACE (debut) and 2011 cons.

All that said... keep me in the loop; you know how to find/ping/call me, still. :)
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