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Guts and Iron RPG

Started by Dirk, February 15, 2010, 12:49:46 AM

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If this in the wrong spot... I apologize (feel free to move it - not that you need my permission to do such a thing).

Guts and Iron RPG free wiki is up and ready for anyone who is interested in playing. The game is till undergoing play testing and anyone is welcome to join us. It's a violent, gritty, and rough game that uses 2d6. The mechanics are pretty basic and easy to learn. Our focus thus far has been on implementing strategy into combat and hammering out the foundations of the game.

I will begin to update posts on here concerning the game...


Weekend Update...

On the Table of Contents page I have created a download section for PC and NPC character sheets. All downloadable stuff will be stuck in here in the future. Next up will be easy access GM charts.

Also. We have begun testing of our Mass Combat System and some preliminary rule sketches are up on online. We are going to attempt to integrate this into the game as seamlessly as possible so that those who wish to wage massive wars can do so and at the same time take part in normal scale combat within these wars. Our goal with this system is make it simple enough so as to avoid tons of bookkeeping.