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Open artist call for a computer game adaptation of Bliss Stage

Started by BlissAuthority, February 18, 2010, 06:20:27 PM

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You may or may not remember that I was making a licensed (not quite 'official') Visual Novel adaptation of Bliss Stage. I've gotten a team together and I've been working on a demo for same fairly steadily for the past four months (good GOD), and we've made a lot of progress; once we've finished the third draft of the script, the demo has only one thing missing.


For the life of us, we cannot find production artists.

A major part of the problem is that Perpetual Motion Software - read 'my programmer, writer and musician friends who are interested in making video games with me' - is a start-up, with little to no capital. We really can't afford top-notch artists, at this point; we can pretty much only pay profit-shares over 10 years, in entertainment (through roleplaying games and anime/movie nights), and in dinner parties, and the last two is much easier with San Francisco East Bay locals.

Jasper, our musician is also an excellent 3-D CGI artist and cartoonist, and he's done some good character designs, but we badly need production artists, pixel artists, settings and backgrounds, and Graphical User Interface designs.

We can't pay in money up-front, at least not before the demo is out and we can ask for pre-orders. We can pay in quarterly percentages of the profit over the course of 10 years, and in additional bennies (entertainment, food, equipment, referalls, unobtrusive ads) while working.

That isn't much, I know; frankly, I wouldn't quit your day job if you do this, because no one else on the team will, and a percentage point of 0 is still 0.

But if you'd be interested in doing this for the fun, for the exposure, for eventual profit and for what non-monetary benefits I can and will provide, respond or whisper in this thread with a link to an online portfolio.

I would prefer either western-style stuff in the mode of Sam Keith and the softer styles in Heavy Metal, or the very angular, harsh style of manga or manhua in works such as Death Note and Code Geass. But at this point I'll take anything reasonably good that I can get. 

I would VERY much prefer that we have one person doing both the visual design and the displayable images of the characters, one person designing and creating both both monsters and mecha pixel animations, and one person on both Waking and Dreaming backgrounds, but if that's not possible, I'd prefer to get this done.
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