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[ENnies] On accepting PDF versions of printed products

Started by reveal, March 06, 2010, 01:35:45 PM

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In the past few weeks, we've received questions regarding submitting PDF versions of documents that are also available in either hardcover/softcover format or print-on-demand (POD). In that regard, I thought it would be prudent to post our position.

In short, we will not accept submissions of products in PDF format if the product is also available in print/POD format. We will only accept the print/POD (printed out and bound) version.

Our reasons for this stance are thus:

  • We're committed to evaluating the products that the public has in their hands and making sure that fans are voting for the same product the judges have nominated. Based upon discussions with publishers, 3.5 products in print have a deeper market penetration than their electronic counterparts and, therefore, would have an unfair advantage amongst voters who would base their votes upon the print version rather than the PDF that was submitted.
  • It is more difficult to judge production values in a PDF product versus its printed counterpart. What you see on the screen can look vastly different than what you see in a printed product. In some cases, it can look better on the screen and might give a publisher an unfair advantage in that regard.
  • We cannot, and will not, treat different publishers differently. It is not fair to any publisher to force a larger publisher to send print products and allow a smaller publisher to send PDF only versions of a printed product. All publishers must follow the same guidelines.
  • The ENnie Awards is a non-profit entity. A vast majority of our funds come from the silent auction that is held prior to the actual ceremony at GenCon. Most people would be unwilling to bid the same amount for a PDF product than they would a print product. In order to maintain the same standards people expect from the ENnies ceremony, we must raise money somehow and we do not want to shortchange ourselves or the fans.

    Please remember, if you are a publisher and have electronic versions only of a product, then this does not apply to you. You may continue to submit your products in electronic format using the steps laid out here:

    With that said, we welcome feedback and any comments you have on the subject. We only ask that you keep it clean. ;)

    Tony Law
    ENnies Assistant Business Manager


A quick clarification: However, if a publisher has a product available in POD format and 1) the POD version has sold less the 50 copies and 2) the PDF and POD versions are exactly identical, then the publisher may submit the PDF version.