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Author Topic: [Gearforce Tabletop] Rules 1st draft  (Read 909 times)

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« on: April 05, 2010, 02:42:29 PM »

I have designed a tabletop wargame, and require some playtesting in order to help refine the rules system.
Here are the basic points:
The year listed on your ship's dashboard is May 24, 5690. All was peaceful but 100 years ago. Humans had left the Milky Way Galaxy to explore their closest neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. The worst thing we expected was some rocks.

Boy, were we off.

The first planet the Fourth Human Empire landed upon was dubbed Celestius 318. Scans showed no life signs, and the atmosphere contained no toxic chemicals. As scientists roamed the viscinity of their shuttle, they were attacked. The beasts we came to know as Undeath leaped from the sky itself and ambushed the unarmed team. All was slaughtered but one, who escaped on the shuttle. Humans tried landing on other planets, only to find the same fate awaiting. From then on, it was impossible to find a human not armed.

Many Humans retreaded back to the only inhabitable places they knew, Mother Earth, and the nearbye colonies on the Moon and Mars. Soon, overpopulation, starvation, and disease swept over humanity. The last hope was a small planet in Andromeda, that has shown no signs of Undeath infestation. Ship after ship landed on the planet, Adrios IX, and the planet was deemed safe after multiple colonies began to thrive. However, this planet was being used by another race.

Adrios was also called Mining Planet 964 by the Arai. These beings quickly discovered humans, and their tendency to destroy life, and deemed them pests. A second war began, between humans and the Arai war machine. As hope for humans quickly diminished, the Fifth Human Empire, rebuilt after internal corruption, seeked help from any other intellegent beings. Some looked to finding other races, while a small group calling themselves the Kalesti Sanctum looked for divine intervention. They observed every religion, human or Arai, and developed a system of gods the believed scientifically had to exist. They began experimenting with genetics to try and recreate the power of the gods in man. Other humans shunned this horrific practice, and the Kalesti seperated themselves from the Human Empire, forming the Kalesti Revolt.

The genetics issue was hot among human politicians, and eventually debate caused the Fifth Human Empire to dissolve into the Science Empire, better know as the Sixth Human Empire. However, scientists and politicians are drastically different professions, so the sciocracy, as some called it, reformed into a traditional government, the Seventh Human Empire.

And so comes May 24, 5690. Your ship is heading to a desolated planet with known Arai, Undeath, and Kalesti bases.

This is a time of war.

The Eighth Human Empire is the collective of all human nations into one massive spatial superpower, similar to the Greeks of ancient Human history (known as the Age of Flesh). However, this empire rules over entire worlds in this age (known as the Age of Iron), sending colonization groups to planets to help create cities to contain the hyper-expanding population, which is reaching into the trillions.

The Arai were the truth behind humanity's worst fears about space colonization. A caste-based society, their worlds themselves are divided, with the upper class living on the surface, and the commoners living in underground fortresses. Every Arai citizen knows their place in their world, which determines every facet of their life, from housing to food to military position.

The Undeath are an age-old plauge that began in the farthest reaches of space. No record shows their origin or history, for any civlization that knew of the Undeath that long ago have been reduced to ashes. The Undeath exterminates a planet's population and terraforms it in order to produce more Undeath, like a swarm of insects constnly making new hives.

From the Eighth Human Empire came the religious movement known as the Kalesti Revolt. Where other religions rely on faith, Kalesti rely on science to help communicate with interdimensional gods. Kalesti also have an ever-expanding knowledge of genetics, allowing their soldiers to change into an image of their patron god, usually Daemos, Manas, or Groxas: three inter-dimensional beings that have aligned themselves with the Kalesti in exchange for the blood of their enemies.

The synopsis of the gameplay is that the players all control one of the four armies in skirmishes across the universe.
Every army has to be made up of Battalions, which are segments of armies consisting of around 10 units. These battalions must stay together, with the exception of Heroic units, which are immune to the negative affects of leaving a Battalion.
Without going deep into the rules, that's basically it.

The full rulebook as well as the army lists are on my Google Docs. My email is asylumrunner@gmail.com. Please e-mail me to see the full rulebook in it's current state.
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