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Boonex has ripped me off!

Started by snippet, May 20, 2010, 02:44:42 PM

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I would like to warn all webmasters who want to create a social networking site not to use Boonex. Boonex is a scam. Heres a group of guys that can't figure out if they want their software to be free or not. First of all, a word of advice from someone in this field: If you MUST use a CMS please make sure its under a GPU(General Public Use) License! If its GPU then you can edit it as much as you want, take out their footers and linkbacks etc.. You can then proceed to make money off of your modified software without paying any fees to the CMS developers (You really should donate to the developers if you end up using any software solution, this helps promote the free exchange of information between us)

OK my point here is that if you go to the Boonex website they try to convince you the software is free. The only inkling of license fees they give is when you finally set up the CMS on your website, the last bit of info they need is your License #.. I looked twice, sure enough, they were asking for a license number.

Boonex gets a big double thumbs down for not making it clear that the software is in fact not free. They want you to download and install it on your webserver, then pay for a license (unlimited use for only $1000!) and furthermore, the system is half-done as it stands, you need to buy a bunch of MODs for it to do anything meaninful.

What Boonex has done with Dolphin (and Orca, Ray etc..) makes us all look bad as developers, further widens the gap between free exchange of ideas and the reality of the Web Development field. Boonex is a scam. Try googling "boonex scam" first. or boonex dolphin scam

Ron Edwards

This strikes me as out of bounds for Forge posting, but I want to look a little deeper first. No replies please.

Best, Ron